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Why Redfall Fell for Me: A Quick Look

Arkane's Next AAA Game Didn't Deliver on AAA There was a lot of interest surrounding Arkane's next title, Redfall,   but I didn't really buy much into it. I find that reserving a lot of thoughts behind hype is probably best since media coverage can definitely skew final product comparison . But after recently resubbing to gamepass, I realized Redfall was in that library and foraged into the game knowing very little. Like many, I was disappointed. There were a lot of promising systems in the game like character abilities, a wealth of different weapons, and an open-world style of approach. Unfortunately, everything seemed extremely half-baked. I kind of just stuck to one shotgun because it had an awesome skin and I could one-shot nearly every enemy. The vampires in the world weren't all that challenging, either. Fire a few shells off and then finish with a jab with a stake-mounted weapon.  Character abilities didn't seem all that useful either (I played Jacob Boye