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Drinking Whiskey and Playing Video Games: What the Fuck is THIS?!

HAY MY NAME IS JEFF.  No really, it is.  But let me tell you some about me. I grew up kind of knowing I wanted to work heavily in entertainment. The problem was that I wasn't always entertaining, but somewhere in the depths of my soul I had it. It just needed to get out of me. I lived in Florida most of my life where old people go to die. Tourism is probably the largest industry in Florida, so naturally what else do you do when you get old? You just look at shit and walk around. Sounds perfect for tourism. I decided though that I'd move to California to pursue a career in motion picture. Well, that's kind of on the backburner. After graduating grad school, I didn't know what the flying everloving fuck to do, so I felt it was best if I learned how to market myself. And that's how I found marketing. Streaming on Twitch: How the Fuck did THAT happen?! I've been  streaming on Twitch  since July of 2013. I literally called a friend up working at Fry's