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What Makes for Funny Entertainment? Buying a "Hot" Xbox 360

Back when I worked in retail, I remember that my Xbox 360 red ringed at some point after playing Mass Effect . It's one of the reasons I never finished the series, and so it left a sour taste in my mouth. I lamented that to a co-worker while I worked in a tech shop. "You want another 360?" A-yuh! "Shake on it!" I reached out my hand—a little nervous—and shook, presumably to a fate that I would regret. "Bring a hundred and fifty tomorrow. Bring it." I don't think I've ever remembered something so strongly in my life.  The next day, I remember walking out to the middle of the parking lot at work to a near-destroyed car that somehow still operated. I shook the hand of Mr. Smiley, as I nicknamed him, and felt a sense of overwhelming dread. Cyanide and Happiness has their own version of a BR game, one that's a lot more simplistic and fun than what you might have tried in the past. Plus, there's not really