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Mutazione: An Interesting Adventure Game Published by Akupara Games

Mutazione by Akupara GamesI'm vaguely reminded of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his wacky tales with Mutazione, an interesting adventure game from Akupara Games and developer Die Gute Fabrik. I recently livestreamed it on twitch for a few nights and had some remarks about it. 

Marquez's largest narrative device was magical realism, and that's what you'll see in a lot of Mutazione. Magical realism is a concept where supernatural events happen in the natural world. A lot of that happens in this game, which tells the story of a girl (Kai) that visits a strange island in response to a sick relative's request. That's about as realistic as the game is because once Kai arrives on the island, she's greeted by friendly mutants, humanoid beings, and plants that do a lot more than just decorate the island.

The backstory is that a giant meteor hit the island and affected the lives of everyone, changing humans into mutants over the course of many years. Most of the humanoid …