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Doom Eternal: This Ish is Fun

Livestreaming Doom Eternal: This is Some Fun Shit

I haven't had this much fun with a videogame in a long time

Doom Eternal works a little differently than what you'd expect from a standard first-person shooter--which is what makes it incredibly difficult to livestream it. 

It's a bit more like a resource management game, where you're constantly using either health, armor, or ammunition. I'm sure there are other resources because I've barely tapped into the game, but with initial looks, this frag-fest is unbelievably fun—and badass.

livestreaming Doom Eternal

But Doom Eternal takes this constant resource management and wraps it into an absolute gorefest. I honestly regret at this point not picking up Doom 2016 simply because this title likely speaks volumes about how the previous game was.

And I'm sure with Doom Eternal's popularity right now, this is a sign that the latest release is definitely better. Even watching a twitch livestream of the game is entertaining as hell because there are moments that are non-stop, where the "Slayer" is constantly moving, using weaponry, dodging, dashing, and trying to stay alive in the midst of a pit of horror. Livestreaming Doom Eternal and defeating bosses is easier said than done.

And it does it so that the Doom IP doesn't feel old. There are a lot of returns of enemy favorites--the Cacodemon, the Revenant, the Imp, the Cyberdemon--but plenty are new as well. There's a total of 27 enemies to frag, and that seems small in comparison to the original Doom games--but trust me, that won't be on your mind playing this title.

I have to admit that I've been waiting for an FPS for years to satisfy what I've been looking for, and I think Doom Eternal does it. Move aside, Half-Life 3. This game is what I'm sticking to.

Doom Eternal weapons

Classic and New: What Doom Eternal Brings Back and What it Does Differently

Keep in mind that I'm writing this from the perspective of someone who hasn't played Doom (2016), so some of this is new to me. However, I'm incredibly happy that I made this (risky) purchase, and here's why:


It's a bit of fan service to bring back classic enemies and weapons. The Cacodemon, Mancubus, Revenant, and Arachnotron are back (who couldn't bring back the Revenant?). But now a lot of enemies have specific weak points that make your game sessions a little easier. For instance, the cannons on an Arachnotron can be shot off. Cacodemons can be one-shotted with a grenade (and an ammo-less blood punch). Most of your heavier enemies can be disabled—if you're lucky enough to aim at their weapons.

buy Doom eternal


As you'd expect, the shotgun, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and other weapons have returned with a familiar, classic feel. However, with DE it's a 2-for-1 package with each weapon. They have modifications which turn your method of assault into something a little more special—want your shotgun full-auto? Change the modification. Would you rather lob grenades? Change the mod and lob away. The tried-and-true weapons are there, but modifications bring some refreshments.


The same kind of lock-and-key levels are back with plenty of secrets to find and goodies to scores.  However, the levels in Doom Eternal are grandiose as all hell. We're talking skyscraper-size doors opening with rotating cyberpunk locks and massive, intricate gears.

livestreaming Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal cityscape

And this time, the map is a lot easier to understand—old Doom maps were never very easy to read. 

Thank you to ID and Bethesda for giving me a first-person shooter that I've wanted for a long time.

Also, here's a clip of me and how bad I am at jumpscares, playing Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Thanks for reading, and check out my stream if you'd like. I typically stream at Noon PST, weekends, but with the state of things currently, I've been streaming a lot more. 


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