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Twitch Los Angeles Meetup: One of the Best Events, Period

I'm kind of in awe.

twitch los angeles meetup on LA skyline

About two years ago, I attended a Twitch Los Angeles Meetup in Burbank. Back then it was still named Twitch Hollywood. But I knew I wanted to be a part of this because it was all about Twitch, video game livestreaming, and enjoying ourselves as gamers.

Our last event, Saturday February 8th, was one of the best events I've ever been a part of. Small enough that plenty of folks knew each other, but large enough that we got deserved attention.

Red Bull, Voodoo Ranger Beer, Need for Kneading, Twickle, artists, all sorts of companies came out. It was a fantastic night.

We had a wonderful venue, the Hungarian Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles. There were a few mishaps with moving in, but thankfully we were able to clear out whatever the previous guests were doing. Which strangely had to do with setting a bathtub on fire.

People lined up around the block after parking about a mile away. We didn't think we'd get the attention we did. Three weeks before the event, we suddenly secured deals we wouldn't have dreamed of. 

We set up a ton of different booths, helped a DJ set up his equipment, and helped artists show off their wares. This was almost a Twitch Los Angeles Meetup convention. A mini-convention. And we were extremely happy with the turnout.

Free beer. Word. Voodoo Ranger had a wonderful selection. 

The folks are heading in. I was the doorman. It feels amazing to be a doorman.

And yes, even Logitech was out there. That's a G915 keyboard. Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Backlit keyboard. This is the one peripheral I need in my life.

People, man. And many showed up.

Many more showed up.

And even more showed. We thankfully were allowed to let everyone in even though our RSVPs were capped and we had an extra line outside for people who didn't RSVP. I suppose that happens when you get massive amounts of attention with a Twitch Los Angeles Meetup online. We didn't know what to expect.

We also had a fantastic photographer, 

This douchebag, I wonder who that is.

 Up Down Left Die and Katy Bentz, some wonderful people. Check out their streams.

Ninja Panda, an awesome guy whose lap I sat on as I took photos, and Mizuno Sonata, always up for a good chat.

It's the ACTUAL "HeyGuys" Girl! Holy crap we're in the company of meme peeps!

And we had one fantastic sponsor to bring it all together, Stack Up. It's a military charity centered around video gaming.

As one of my first and most successful Twitch Los Angeles Meetups I've ever been a part of, I'm proud to be a part of something big. I've always wanted to be, and that night felt like what I did mattered to people.

2020 hasn't been the best year to start. In the middle of a global virus epidemic, a highly political atmosphere, massive international environmental disasters, and the brink of war with Iran, I'm extremely happy we could all unite under one roof to celebrate video games. 

Twitch Los Angeles Meetup saw its best event yet and I'm incredibly thankful for everyone that showed up. 

We've already begun planning the next one and we haven't received word about potential venues, but we definitely need a larger one. We nearly capped out.

Thank you to all our sponsors, our photographers Photos by Delphin and Photos From Last Night. This was seriously one of the best experiences I've had.

If you'd like to stop by the Twitch stream, feel free.

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