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Meeting People from Adult Friend Finder in Person--at a Christian Meetup

Here are two people that have obviously had sex. You probably won't get this often if you are constantly streaming video games via Twitch.

It was probably 2004 when I decided to take the leap and purchase a subscription to Adult Friend Finder. Yep, I did it. It wasn't very expensive and I got to contact women that might also be interested in a possible wham-bam-GG-ma'am. I was at Florida State University at the time and love—or some version of it—was in the air. So sure, I'll sign up for a year. 30 bucks wasn't too much damage for some shenanigans.

At that time, I was also a Christian. Shocker, I know. I'll admit, one of the most attractive things for me when attending a church was the women, and what better reason to explore the churches and Christian meetups in the area? I was all for praising Jesus and getting a girl to scream the Lord's name between the sheets. Man is naturally sinful, so have fun before you get sent to hell, you know?

Streaming Video Games Via Twitch: Remaining Ethical

Sometimes when you try to attain your dreams, you make enemies. It's a fact. I can remember reading about how Quentin Tarantino was part of some four-man team that each tried to help each other succeed in Hollywood, and the last I read about one of the particular individuals, they were in a lawsuit with Tarantino over something. It's a difficult call to make when someone approaches you (metaphorically) and offers you your path to success and your dream—only to be told you have to screw your friends over. Entertainment often works like that.

Since I haven't been very successful at streaming video games via Twitch, I recognize I'm not the biggest authority on it. There's a lot of things in place to see success for myself, it's just the terrible grind looms over my head, and I decided to take what I had to turn into a practice of sorts. So take my word with a grain of salt. I don't know a ton, but I know enough to have a perspective on things that can bring insight to people that want to get into video game streaming.

You might be prompted with an opportunity to see success, only to leave people that trust you behind. My recommendation is don't do it. Here's why. Sure, you can make an entire business out of streaming video games if you set your mind to it, work hard, and keep pushing content on a consistent basis. But the problem is you may end up hating it. A friend of mine refuses to work in the gaming industry specifically because he doesn't want to turn what he loves into what he hates. He's got a very valid point. The fun in something is being able to pick it up when you want and put it down when you want—that's not possible if you're making a career out of streaming. 

It's your choice to make unethical decisions when it comes to streaming, but recognize that depending on the choice you make, you may end up alienating your audience, losing friends, and losing your business over it too. Success is never worth sacrificing friends. I've learned the hard way.

Several months after I joined Adult Friend Finder, I went to a Christian meetup group where I recognized one of the members of the meetup from AFF. Stay classy.

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