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Twitch Streaming Horizon Zero Dawn and the time I Applied for a Phone Sex Hotline Position

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No, I wasn't going to be operating the phone sex hotline. My voice isn't great enough to do that, but I'm sure they had people behind the scenes that were great at encouraging others to...feel certain things through words of encouragement. But regardless, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity at first. Boy howdy, I was wrong.

I looked up what I -thought- was the address to this location and I found it in Santa Monica, a very large building in the center of some metro that I thought would be great to work in. The position was live-in so I actually would have an apartment. That should have been my first red flag, but it wasn't.

The second red flag is when they sent me to Olympic and Alameda. I didn't consider it a red flag until I actually arrived at the location. Across the street there were at least ten shopping carts full of homeless people swag. I parked and was very scared.

If you're considering twitch streaming Horizon Zero Dawn, it's a bit of a mixed bag. I don't want to discourage anyone from doing so, but the story is very engrossing and when a viewer comes into your stream without any backstory, they'll be lost in understanding the progression. Or, the story will be spoiled for those who want to play and they won't show up. It's pretty simple.

I think the game's greatest weakness is in its narrative cohesion. What I mean by that is it tends to throw a lot of tribal definitions at you until you're entirely sick of trying to keep up with who is who and what is what. I've spent probably 70 hours on one game save alone, and sometimes I'll come across characters I completely forgot about, only to have Aloy start a conversation with them with hardly any refresher.

There's not much that can be done about that—I mean the game is fantastic—but when it comes to twitch streaming, it's not the easiest thing for you or your viewers to keep track of.

I remember walking to the fifth floor of the building only to discover the roof, where I was certain I would be sniped. I looked across the worst part of LA, the slums, and the air was definitely not clean. A floor below is where I found my destination and I was greeted by an old man with very clear heroin tracks in his arms. Lovely.

I then interviewed with the head of household, and there was an immediate at-odds. She lit up a bowl in front of me, so their policy on drug testing was pretty clear at that point. The woman I met with had been on HBO and was "famous" in terms of adult entertainment stardom. She asked me how I felt about their content. I was nervous even saying "sex" in front of her.

They showed me my room. It was not much larger than a closet with a broken window and a shoddy bedframe. The window overlooked some of the LA skyline, a reminder that living there was bad for my health. All aspects of it.

If you haven't tried Horizon Zero Dawn, it's one of my top games of all time. Guerrilla took a large risk with this game, and they succeeded in many ways.

Happy streaming.

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